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Team Alpha Male head coach, Justin Buchholz returns from the epic #SummerOfTAM to join the greatest mind in MMA Sir Studboy to break down the crazy six weeks of back to back fight weeks; UFC Oklahoma, TUF 25 Finale, UFC Glasgow, UFC Long Island, UFC 214 and UFC Mexico City before hosts are joined by #8 ranked UFC strawweight, Cynthia Calvillo and heated cornerman of the year rivals, Andrew Coyne and Josiah McHale.

Topics get touchy, as hosts talk ethics, post-fight interviews of KO'd opponents and the one time the dynamic duo; Buchholz and Studboy were SWAT'ed by a real life assassin SWAT team.
Cast then break down the epic Summer, which included Buchholz' detention by the Mexican police for failing the 'stinky finger test', the adventures of the ancient Teotihuacán Pyramids, Lucha Libre wrestling, while also, debating the REAL cornerman of the year award winner and everything in-between, including their thoughts on the coming Mayweather-McGregor blockbuster boxing bout on August 26.


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